Hearts Lost

We can play the game of what if ?, one more time.
Will it make a difference ?
Would you then care more for me ?
I know it’s not entirely about me.
But us as a couple is a mess.
I’m not the Devils Advocate, but I am realistic.
When will you see our time has come and passed.
It’s now time for me to take the lonely road to no man’s land.


You waited for my heart to stop, before you said you cared for me.
Was it a guilt trip gone wrong ?
Should I hold your words accountable ?
I have no account of a day where you were warm.
I can’t help but to think, do you ever feel fuzzy inside ?
We live in a cold city.
The temperature is always on a decrease.
I can’t help but to think, your heart rate follows the same trend.
We are polar opposites, but you sit so close to me that any one can think were on the same parallel.

Yours and Ours

Thinking ?
Can I be you.
No problems in the world.
Your eyes glued on the computer screen.
Staring at the new handbags.
Gucci, fendi, maybe prada.
Styles to go for days.
You have a sense of taste fine cuisine couldn’t satisfy.
Maybe, I wouldn’t want to be you.
Your missing something.
You lack genuine love.
Your emotions gone haywire like Cramer’s hair.
No insults intended.
just stating the facts.
Would I be you ?

Yours and Mines

Whoa stop !!!!
let’s not go there.
All these low blows are making me numb.
I already have a hard time with love.
Now your bring up trust issue statements.
Are you prefect ?
Is this life we live in always fair ?
Just once can we put all the bad things aside and just talk about why we love each other.
One can’t play at this game.
So why solely blame me.
If we are a team let’s share the blame.
When it’s time for the fame, we can definitely share that too.

Who are you ?

Here we go again.
Words exchanging.
It hurts that I’m the only one to blame for all of your misfortunes.
I wish it would go back to the days where I was the only one who could make you smile.
I can’t even look you in the eyes and see my love.
I can’t get past the salty look you have.
I show the aggressive side of me, because my vulnerability is my pride.
I keep asking why is it like this.
I just know I can’t keep  taking this.
Who are you ?