Month: August 2012


Believe as you may, but the fact stands that I love you.

It’s just about everyday that you amaze me without trying.

It seems as if I’m the only one that tries to impress you.

It’s always funny to you when I mess up trying to make you smile.

even though I feel embarrased, I’m happy I make u smile.


Let them go, if they didnt wanna stay.

for you ill be right by your side when you need me.

i don’t need return favors like most people.

i can;t falsify my presence in your life.

i’m far from the ordinary, like a chief i can lead and no following is necessary.

i’m as equal as you.


God please let her see.

let her know how i feel deep dowwn inside.

i feel as if i have a heart thats twice as bigger then a regular guys.

i feel abnormal from everyone, because i’m going crazy for you.

i’ll be here to help you with your every needs or wants.

i can’t help but to do all i can for you.

don’t just go by what i say, let me prove myself through my actions.

i promise you it will do all the talk for me.


i know the reality of perfection might not exist.

i know the days might get difficult.

i know many people aren’t as supportive when i need them the most.

I’m given grief when i need help, quite frequently.

I wanna scream for helpppp !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna get away from it all.

i know life isn’t easy.

So i forgive those who give grief.

“to release, i can love authentic”.


All they can say is live. Take what comes your way. Makes no sense because the clearity in those words don’t work for all things. A complex mind leads to dealing with difficult situations. Above the odds I need to make my way above the expectations of those surrounding me. Even though it feels like I’m trapped in quick sand. One bad news escalates to another and I feel sunk. I don’t wanna be one that lives by the statistic. I forge my own path.


they said believe and thy soul is revealed.

have mercy when its hard.

let me breathe when its hard to do so.

i need sight that goes beyond the mere vision of my eyes.

i’m god made and so are you, i focus on nothing but everything.

i see many good things comes as pairs and im pairing off with my ambitions.

Greatness is seek, but is so hard to obtain.


i changed for me. i made living possible. i kept it going when i just didn’t believe i had the strength to do so. i found love within and i know god was there for me. i forged past the flames of depression. i dislocated my fears and put together the power that would allow for me to have the strength to walk, when all i did was limp. I now take leaps that seems street blocks long and i made it.