Month: September 2012

True Love

Just know its not easy to be away from you.

I just wanna always spend my moments with you.

Til the night gets dark i have you in my mind.

I put so much thought into words i say and write you.

Have faith that your in my heart and ill take you the rest of the way to True Love.



I figured that she would speak for me.

She has to let me hear her voice, even if its for only one time.

I thought to myself why only once ?

What if she had a beautiful  voice ?

I would wanna hear more from her.

She wouldn’t have to be silent.

I have so much to offer, past my physical presence.

I’m more then just a great smile.

I would do all i can to complete her.

I’m true to my promises

Thank You

Please rest easy knowing that I love you.
You have been on my mind for so long.
I feel that’s just the start for everything.
I just hope for so much with you.
Your in my life and I don’t want anything else.
See I know a lot of good will come from your presence alone.
I’ve finally smiled for the first time in months and its because of you.
I attribute everything positive to you.
Your the only reason I wake, eat, pray, smile and sleep.
Before I could only lay in dysfunction.


She asked me for a chance.
She wants to be treated better then she every been before.
She doesn’t know what love feels like.
But, you know I can teach her what it feels like to be cared for.
I just can help with all questions she may need answered.
I don’t have to hide anything from her.
Remember I’m the one that’s suppose to mean the most to her.
She may doubt it at first.
But, after a while she will see I’m all that she can ever wish, imagine or pray for.

Love works

What makes you who you are?
I keep asking myself that same question all the time.
So much to the point where redundant would not remotely reflect what I have in mind.
So much people are confused.
Why do you stand out from the rest.
Maybe if you can show me your ways, I will know a bit more about you.
I promise ill listen if you teach me step by step.
I just wanna know what it feels like to be perfect.
I wanna know what it feels like to be you.


Give me all that comfort like you always did.
Let me feel your heart when I just don’t have the courage to go on with my life.
Please finish my sentence like I know only you could.
Your my one and only.
Yes you know your my one and only.
You just make my whole life worth living.
My inspiration to get up and do my daily routines.
Why does one person hold so much pull on my soul?
Why, oh, why?
But if it has to be this way.
If it has to play out like this.
I just would accept it as is.
Baby you know who you are!

Let Me Love You

Take your time.

Yes please think before you say that you love me.

I know that I love you.

I’m deep into you like i never been before with anyone else.

But, its just something about you that make me recant from letting you say I Love You.

A women that chooses to love means that they give their all.

So please think carefully so that you know that you gave your all.

Not to sound greedy.

But, you just have so much going for you.

I don’t wanna allow for a hint of disappointment.

No it possibly can’t come from me.



Their is no comming back.
No their is no comming back when you take that path of sin and destruction.
Many believe in faith, virtue and seek good though that path.
But for those that have a good outlook, many go the opposite direction.
It seems that nothing can change their mind.
It might be because they have made up a strength that won’t allow them to fear the effects of their bad deeds.
Karma is not known by many who don’t feel it in their life.
But sure karma will be felt and can’t be avioded.

God In Rememberance

Definitely worth a second look, a second chance.
We are given so much chances in life.
I’m most gracious that I get to make it like I do.
Many people don’t get to be alive as I do.
I’ve seen pain and struggles that just lapsed one after another.
But, through the hardships that came with following a path filled with traps.
I was able to find a piece of sanity.
Prayed with prayers for every waking moments I breathe now.
So at least i have god in mind.