Self Made

You know what I admit it’s been a crazy time in my life.

I have seen so much people and time just come and pass me by.

Where is the Love and Meaningful feelings I’ve once had.

They seem to have disappeared out of thin air.

I can’t even put myself in similar positions, as i could have previously done.

Its a damn shame i have to redefine my soul from new grounds.



  1. Nothing- no person, nor situation- stays the same forever. I too have tried to “return” hoping to feel that same amazing feeling that was once felt. Over the years, I have learned that nothing ever stays the same even upon our return.

  2. What an interesting array of poems!! -i cannot write a sentence that even comes close to poetry…
    Thanks for swinging by my blog, i just started it couple of weeks ago so there will be more stuff coming on!

    kind regards

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