Extravagant Love

She is worth all the gold, diamonds and rubies combined.
All that I own will be hers if she ever beg for, pleads for it or just even just askes for it.
I don’t need anything as long as I have her by my side.
I don’t want no other.
No I don’t want another by my side.
One is enough and that how its gunna be from now till the end of my existance.
Your my life time story.
My life time story.
You start with my trails and tribulations.
Then inched your way to greatness.
I know it took one step at a time.
But, past it all you became a success story.
I can’t possibly ask for more.
No one can come my way that would remotely compare to you.
If they try, tell them to step aside.
I wanna love you because your my only.



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