Month: October 2012

For now and forever

You say your lost from the world.
You tell me reality is not real to you anymore.
Your life has lost its flare lately.
But, that’s just for the moment.
Lately, doesn’t describe the long run.
I ran many miles to you on several different occasions to show you that life will get better.
If your lost to everyone.
Thats just them and I will always be here to help you.
My guidance is my love.
I always knew how to ignite that flame in your heart.
So don’t think that I can’t, because I always will.
No stop to the affections I have for you.
I told you from the start this love is strong enough, to last both of our life times combined.
So don’t feel that your lost I will always find my way to you.


Bits of my life

So much has happened in the past 7-8 Months in my life.
A young soul put though so much test’s and its life threatening if a single failure happens.
It’s been a drag daily to say the least.
But its been helpful to see myself struggle and be able to stand back up.
I kept my shoulders high, even though my shouldblades had shooting pains that left me physically sore.
Strive, persue and take all you can get.

My Light

My heart is found within. My heart breathes love and exhaled the evil from my soul. The lord states that good will happen to good people. I have been waiting for the good to occur in my life. I sat patiently and waited for days leading to months and 22 years have passed. No significant good has taken place in my young life. Yet I am still one of the biggest optimist. I don’t doubt the good that will come. No I believe in god and have faith in his purpose in my life.

Clear Sight

No this doesn’t feel right.
No it doesn’t feel right without you by my side.
I just know there is something missing, when I’m without your company.
Every man has their own specific dreams.
Guess what ?
I don’t have much different dreams.
I just want you to know that all my dreams are focused on you.
I can’t see it any other way.


Silence for the night.
Tears for the fallen.
Guidance for the lost.
Specks of lights aren’t helpful.
Specks can’t illuminate this bridge.
One slip and a fall is possible.
But, getting up isn’t guaranteed.
A story that all too fimilar for many.
How can you stop that from happening to you ?