Saint of love

Don’t wake me up.
Please don’t wake me up.
I wasn’t finish dreaming about you.
It seems like only in my dreams are you real.
I always wanted you to make me feel good.
But I didn’t expect that you would make me feel great.
You took all my fears away.
You caught my attention like little red.
You kept me up, when my knees couldn’t bare weight.
My everything when nothing else went right.
So please don’t wake me up just yet.



  1. This is really sad… good but sad, and that is the best kind of poetry, if you can break someone’s heart especially when they aren’t feeling the same way in that moment, you moved them. So good job 🙂

      1. Ahh, this lady posts stuff up about all kinds of contests it might be worth your time. Good luck. I feel like alot of them are ones you have to pay to enter… I don’t feel that’s worth my time but if you do that’s cool! I hope you do well!!!!!!!!

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