Better Half and Forging Conquest

It just doesn’t feel right anymore.
No nothing seems to have the same feel to it as I knew it too.
Maybe its me and my memories that seem to be playing tricks on me.
Maybe its the fact that your not by my side.
Lord have mercy because I’m human and do make mistakes.
I never meant for things to have changed.
I just couldnt imagine the single most important person in my life not being their anymore.
I would do just about anything to turn back the hands of time.
There is nothing that means as Much as you did in my life.
I can clearly remember starting and finishing my day equally thinking about and missing you.
Side by side my emotions had a crazy way of mutating into something that couldn’t be controlled.
So I just have to ask questions to fill voids in my head, heart and soul.
Is love really blind ? because I always believed that the only moments I truely seen clear was with your love.
I guess I didn’t think about the future because now I have to be half of a person.
I’m broken and need a better half.


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