Dose of Love

So much days end full of sadness.
Fear is all you seem to do.
Where is the person you always talk about looking for.
I didn’t see him yet.
So I ask if you saw him first.
I always seem to bring happiness to you  before anyone can get close to making a difference in your life.
I always want to make a big chunk of your day better.
If you ever need me.
I’ll be around the corner for you.
That’s the only reason I’m still living in New York.
I want to help you find that special person.
But, don’t you see I’m him.
I encompass all you ever asked for.
I can make you all better.
I can make you smile.
I already wipe your tears away as they come.
I know its hard to admitt that you found your soul mate.
But aren’t I worth a chance.


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