Possible that I can care ?

Ready to care for you as long as your in my arms.
I can take all your problems away.
Yes simple as that.
So please no questions.
I’m not a mirage, but the real deal.
I see how hard it is to give your trust to someone.
But I’m not just a someone.
I’m the one.
The one and only.
So can you allow me the opportunity to show you what you have been missing ?
It’s just a long time comming.
But just know that I came into your life for a reason.
I have a purpose.
My purpose is to make sure you wake up with a smile everyday.
I have to keep that smile on your face throughout the day.
Yes it has to last the whole day and work well into the next day.
I want to make you smile so much that you lose track of the time.
But don’t worry I’m here to reassure you of anything you well ever need to know.


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