Month: November 2012

I See, I Know and I believe.

Please don’t judge me.
I refuse to be subjected to simple judgements.
Many critics only seem to criticize me in all the wrong ways.
“He can’t do this or that right,
” they say.
I don’t pay much mind to their negativity.
My potentials allow for so much possibilities.
I’ve made so much out of the little I posses.
A dollar and a dream is my story.
I wish for the best.
I pray for strength.
I smile when I can’t take the pain of life.
Too much scars on my body that can’t be seen visually.
But, you know what ?
I know where the cuts and bruises are.
So I use them as reminders.
I get back up and push forward.
Everyday I get stronger.
Everyday I gain faith in God.
Everyday I find myself.


No Contest Plea Deal.

I’m scheduled for success.
Many people are overdue in that category.
I’m all too familiar with controversies.
But, controversial moments can’t slow me down.
I’m always working 24 hour and 7 days a week.
It will take too much to stop me.
So, many people just stop trying.

Manic, Don’t Panic

So much to say.
So little time to say them in.
I exhaust so much of my energy looking for answers.
Answers for what, I’m not quite sure.
I guess I’m too much in a rush to think.
I don’t follow the “wait patiently” philosophy.
So much to do.
So much to do, is all I have on my to do list.
“I should be thinking more like this.”
I’ll try to break down all of my tasks, into smaller ones.
List and simplify, what is important to least important.
I’m young and I will find my way.
My destiny can wait.
If I’m destined for greatness, who
knows ?

More and More

She has so much to offer.
She has all a man could ever want.
She isn’t needy, but prefers to offer her care and affections.
She can make everyone in the room smile.
No silence with her around.
She brings the best out of everyone around her.
No one can compare to her.
The best of her is yet to come.
Why can’t more people see that ?

New and Improved

Your a star in my eyes.
Your my dream girl and best friend.
When I’m down you support me with all the love I can ever ask for.
No one has ever done so much for me.
I know good is possible because you showed me it.
I don’t ever want another, as long as I have you.
Together we will go far, because I will do everything to help us grow as a couple.
I promise I will carry you when your too tired to walk.
I will be the guy I have always been.