Mechanical Heart

Emotions ripped up inside as if the butcher has been working 24/7.
No stopping the evils in the world.
I knew that.
But, to feel as if I don’t have an ability to make a difference with my inner virtue.
It seems as if I don’t have much virtue inside me.
Many tears have fell from my eyes in a short time period, the output of tears have multiplied to an unmeasurable amount as days goes by.
What’s said is the truth.
But, I wait for love that will come in abundance.
I wait for the door leading to freedom open and hoping it stays that way.



  1. so hard to see love when we have been given a false impression of it…
    i am beginning to understand that love is not what i always assumed or believed it is…. but something so much more undifferentiating and complete….
    love your poem 🙂

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