Love Worth Living For.

It’s a different time, because more and more I think about you.
I don’t fear much of anything but god.
But, I do also fear losing you.
I fear that sometimes I don’t match up to you.
I try not to think like that but with past relationship failures, I can’t help but to consider possibilities.
But, then again I hope for eternal happiness with you.
The way I feel right now has no words to describe my emotions.
I would use a single word like happy, but  doesn’t do much justice.
I could brain storm words to fill a page to express myself.
But, not even that will be helpful.
See I have been looking far and wide for a female to accompany me.
I always wanted a partner that can finish my sentences before I did.
I wanted that one person that can make me forget about all the bad things this world has past and present.



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