Pains Of The Heart

I seek to do well in life.
But, lately it seems that everyone I care about prefers to show the shameful side to themselves.
Well, well.
What a painful things to see unfold right in front my eyes.
I can’t call her or her and this one is just disrespectful to me overall.
Can’t they see I’m the one with all to lose and not much to gain in plain sight.
All I seem to do is just take an earful of, “I’m too busy to talk to you” and “pretty much leading too I don’t care.’
Question ?
Who was there when pretty much all of the time you guys needed a helping hand and attentive ear ?
Who took the time to help with the healing process of your wounds ?
Look, no where else but to me.
I did so much for others and I don’t have much to show for in return.
The truth stands and I’m left all by myself to deal with the end result.



  1. Thanks for stopping by “Unwalled” and deciding to follow, ; I am truly honored…….and yes, there will be better days; be careful not to let circumstances change the essence of who you are.

  2. I can definitely relate. Someone needs to invent some kind of “remember when” chip that’s implantable in the brain to lessen situations like these.

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