In Depth Nightmares

Fear not its just a nightmare. But, it Feels so real, the demons feels so real when they grab you. Their touch is blood cruddling. It’s just so real because its as if your there and nothing can take you away, not even for a second. You don’t realize it but in reality your sleeping. You have about 7 and 1/2 Hours left in human time for sleeping. Your left to deal with the creations your mind creates. It feels like an eternity. This is taking forever. But dreams has no time limits to them. But please try not to fear. When you think less of it, more strength Maybe bestowed upon you.



  1. Dreams are the pathway to an open door.. We can never seem to hold them very long or can’t see the open door… yet it could be said that if you dream and can remember your dreams it is because you are allowing the doors to be seen in your waking moments.. Fear is the energy that the mind uses to play the trick so all the doors look closed.. when it fact they are always open.. Great post!

  2. I love this (well I don’t like nightmares – who does) but yes, this is so true. Isn’t it great when you awake and recognize it was only a dream? Lol. Nicccceeeeee.

  3. Let me know if I get annoying with questions. I’m kinda like 20 questions on legs. šŸ™‚ Love the visualization.

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