Not Always A Happy Story.

She said your next on my hit list.
Your going to fall in love with me and you don’t have a choice, but to do so.
No way I said to myself.
But she is right in a way, I thought to myself.
I have no one in my life right now, but just her.
I’m too ashamed to admitt this to her.
I just don’t wanna fall for a heartbreaker.
She fits the description of a person that’s ready to hurt me.
She is so quick to say she loves me.
She runs her mouth about how she thinks about me everyday.
On top of that she tells me that, I’m the first person she ever really cared about.
I wanna be seperate from her games.
But, I’m desperate for love.
I desperately need love.
It’s been …….. Long since I had it.



  1. wow, written from the guys side. if she’s into games, she may be emotionally unavailable. sigh. i wonder how many guys feel this way. some girls just can’t separate from their games. but i love the honesty of this

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