Lord Willing

Let the pain fade away from my life lord.
Please, lord bring happiness to my life.
Please, lord have mercy upon every single person that needs your help.
I always look for guidance when I’m lost.
In my young life sometimes I need a push, or at least see a few open doors in order to navigate my way to future endeavors.
God please provide me with support and guidance, because I know I will always need it.
I’m thankful for all that I have been provided with.
In your name and all praises to you god.



  1. poetryblogofmine,

    Hi! This is john from the Book of Pain blog (http://bookofpain.wordpress.com). I got a message that you are following my blog and I wanted to drop by to thank you, and, if I can (I am new at this blogging business) return the favor.

    I am, in fact, very drawn to your poetry; it obviously comes from a deep well of humility and spirituality, two qualities that are beautiful to behold and a joy to read. Please, keep up the wonderful work, I look forward to more in the future.


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