Month: December 2012

Just Another Day

My cellphone alarm abruptly woke me up.
“I wasn’t finish sleeping”, I said to myself.
I’m tired and only half awake.
As much as I try, I can’t go back to sleep.
What a start to the day.
I feel weakness running through my body.
I have no energy to do anything.
I normally would work around 8:30.
But, bad politics took place.
Now, I’m out of work for a few weeks (not permanently, I hope).
Now I’m left with very little money in my pockets.
What can I do today ?
I didn’t come up with any ideas.
So, I just took a long walk.

Where Are You ?

If your not in my life,
if you don’t know what I’m going through in life right now, if you don’t know how I feel,
Then I have to question your existance.
I thought I had a special connection with you.
I can’t communicate with anyone else, the way I use too with you.
I remember when I use to rest my head next to your and everything would feel perfect.
Whatever happened to those days.
Whatever happened to those moments.
Better yet,
Whatever happened to you ?

Love Or Not ?

If this love doesn’t feel right,
Then why do I love ?
Why do I choose to believe in this forsaken relationship ?
How long will the struggle of looking for love continue ?
Will I be able to carry on, I grow weak from carrying a torch for a person that doesn’t know I exist.

Summary- many people have love for a person that may not feel the same way.
I hope I express those emotions. Thank you.

Potential Is A Benchmark

Young and so much things makes me different, then other 23 year olds.
I have so much ambition that a 100 yachts couldn’t carry it’s compacity.
God made and its because of gods rules I’m alive.
I was told that anything is possible, because if I wish it, I can have it.
I have faith and no way can I deture from my dreams.

Blast From The Past.

It’s night time and everything is silent.
I’m awake, the night brings nightmares.
I find myself tossing and turning,
Thinking about my lifes uncertainty.
I have a lot going on in my head.
Sadness is hard to avoid thinking about.
It has been hard to create a comparison between my age and my achievements.
I believe a ratio doesn’t exist.
I tend to get forgetful when it comes to remembering my achievements.
How soon will a new day come, to drown out the nightmares.