Sadness I Live.

Let’s start by saying.
Their was a young man who was without emotional and financial support.
His father caught ear of the situation and decided to call his boy.
Around the same time the father wanted to call his son, the boy was pacing back and forth, contemplating the difficulties he had to deal with.
As his cell phone started to ring, the boy looked in astonishment at his phone.
It was his father,
The same person who had left him homeless, without any support whatsoever, for several months.
The boy answered the phone call.
Without a hello, the father asked his son if he was currently working.
The reply was no.
The father then went on to ask if the boy was financially stable.
The reply was no again.
The father suddenly stopped speaking.
The boy sadden because the father provided no encouraging or supportive words.
A sense of weakness spun through the body of the son.
The boy then ended the phone conversion.
A few seconds later,
He collapsed to the floor,
Using his last breath.



      1. That is how we touch the hearts of others from within our own! I am grateful you share yours and touch mine amongst many others. You have a very powerful gift and voice in your expression and words yet they match not the power of love in your heart.Thank you for sharing your gift.

  1. Very sad story…the father and son relationship is so important. So much sadness in the world because children are literally growing up orphans, parents who are not there for them.

  2. I want to put together an anthology of street poetry through lulu, pocket books, real cheap, and just leave them around bus stations, lobbies of the county jails, courts… you get the idea. If you or anyone you know like-minded would be interested in collaborating, you can reach me through my blog and we’ll set up contact. Truth is the true word of God, keep speaking it.

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