Endless Lane

I have to admitt.
I never liked depending on others for help.
But, everyone at some point in their lives, need someone to make a difference in their life.
I know, I need help and support on many different occasions.
I wonder if I can find that someone ?
I’ve been reserving a place in my heart for a special person.
If I find her ?
I just hope she will be ready, to put some effort into understanding me.
I’m not always an easy person to deal with.
I may ask for constant phone calls.
I love being supported when times get hard.
I value an honest person, with a kind heart.
If she is a type of person that meets my criteria.
Let’s see where life takes us.



  1. Somehow, I want someone whom I could lean on too. Living without parents is difficult. However, I seem to always use my excuse of feeling lonely to find someone to love. I admit too, that I’m not a very easy person to be with, and right now, I guess I just don’t want to share my loneliness with someone else.

    Maybe I can, when I don’t feel the lack anymore.

    Very nice post. It made me think. 😀

  2. The most honest girls out there are really hard to find nowadays. I for one…have found that special someone in my life. She is honest, kind, and supports me throughout the way. I’m most certain that you will find that special girl in your life. Keep her and don’t let her go. Beautiful poem. I’m sure some girls who are reading this will fall for you. 🙂

    New blog check it out.

    Pain can only wax illusions


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