Just Another Day

My cellphone alarm abruptly woke me up.
“I wasn’t finish sleeping”, I said to myself.
I’m tired and only half awake.
As much as I try, I can’t go back to sleep.
What a start to the day.
I feel weakness running through my body.
I have no energy to do anything.
I normally would work around 8:30.
But, bad politics took place.
Now, I’m out of work for a few weeks (not permanently, I hope).
Now I’m left with very little money in my pockets.
What can I do today ?
I didn’t come up with any ideas.
So, I just took a long walk.



  1. A long walk indeed helps. Trust in God, trust in yourself! You are talented WAY beyond understanding, you are probably halfway onto your purpose-filled career/calling and just haven’t noticed it yet?! All in all, I KNOW great things are on your way!

      1. We are our brothers/sisters keepers, we look out for the best in each other. For this New Year, trust me, you are going to be ABSOLUTELY well, defying odds and getting ahead. When one door closes, God opens up a WHOLE lot of opportunities. Keep trusting, your name’s already engraved on the door to success!

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