Month: January 2013


“Obsession on what’s in your pocket can prove costly.”



She changes my thoughts.
The sensual side of me exposes itself.
It’s all because of her.
It’s not a bad thing.
But, I just want to hold some feelings till a later time.
I just want to know more about her.
Tell me things about you that I don’t know ?
Do you know how I’m feeling ?
If you do,
Then tell me how your feeling ?

Due Payment

Singing in my sleep.
I’m dishing out food for consumers.
I have much,
I have some,
I have all.
Where ever my mind takes me is where i’ll be going.
This world is too precious not to explore.
Just wish,
Just keep hope,
Just be yourself.
Fourtunes are promised to those who  never stop believing.