Can You

“Can you hear the pain in my voice.
Do you see struggles like I do through my eyes.” Well, do you mother ?



  1. You have to forgive her, not for her, but for you so you can find some sense of comfort, if it is difficult, and I imagine it is, consult with our Heavenly Father, at the right time, you will obtain the strength to do it. Also, you don’t have to go to her to forgive her, you can simply communicate with God and forgive her through Him, also, feel free, in your communication with God, to just open up about your most painful memories about her that make you feel the way you do, try to let go the anger little by little in God, cry to Him, scream to Him, tell Him how badly you hurt, just get it out of your system to the best of your ability, because you deserve comfort and the only way to be comfortable is to first release the pain, the anger, the distrust and then slowly allow the healing to flow through. This will take a while, it IS a process, but I know you can handle it, even better, I know you deserve to be happy again.

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