That’s Just Me

I’m walking with cold feet.
Not heading to a specific destination.
That doesn’t mean I’m lost.
I’m trying to make clear the exact place in life where I stand.
I’m planning my next move.
I’m thinking of everything I can do to make forward steps.
But, is the steps I want to take realistic ?
I second guess, possible movements.
That’s the youth in me.
That’s the vulnerability in me.
Can I say that’s just me.



  1. It’s not only you – luckily – Lol. We go through these moments in out lives, it’s at that point of transition where what should have been taking place in our lives at that moment (based on our pre-thought out lives) meets with the possibilities of tomorrow. Life changes ALL the time and the things we wanted at 20, we don’t want at 30 or the things we achieved at 15, suddenly at 30 it’s like – “What were we thinking?” Lol. The great thing about life is that it’s always evolving, if it isn’t, then it simply means we are lifeless, but where you are – those steps that aren’t lost but isn’t really trying to figure out any specific destination is evolution, you are slowly evolving into your better you!

  2. I think planning is always a good thing. We always have to reorient ourselves as things in our lives change. It’s good to take a perspective of where we stand at the moment. Wise words!

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