Month: February 2013


I want to celebrate these good words, I have to say to you.
Let me whisper them.
I’ll say them similar to slow motion.
So you can feel the full effects of how I feel.
It’s a long time comming.
We both waited patiently.
We took our time.
So we know our feelings are genuine.
Your a definition to grace and I’m the details.
We are compatible.
We are meant to be.

My Dedication To You

Can you.
Just hold on to me and never let go.
Hold on to me like, I’m the most precious jewel you ever saw.
Just treat me the same way you would like to treated.
I don’t test your nerves.
I alway hold you the right way.
I know what makes you feel good.
So I always do right by you.
I always keep my eyes on your.
What a perfect compliment.
You know I can’t keep myself away from you for too long.
Nothing means more to me then you.
I never came across feelings so deep.
But, I’m glad I did now.
I’ve been dating for many pointless years.
Everyone I met previous to you has been a mistake.
But, like mistakes I’m glad I made corrections.

Compliance Of Needs

You know you’re lost, when you can’t read the street signs.
Lights flicker from the night lamps above head.
Walking aimlessly is the point.
Avoiding noise of any sorts in the idea.
Just want to be away from the lime light of the night life.
I want to be on the other side.
I want peace.

A Love Life.

I just wish.
I just wish it was easy to apologize for my bad behaviors.
I want to say, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for all I did to make you sad and put a frown on your face.
I know relationships have their ups and downs.
This is the downs we encounter in our path together.
I hate when I say things I don’t mean, in moments of rage.
I’m not good with vulnerability.
I’m not good with exposing my weaknesses and fears.
But, who is good with that ?
Aren’t we all humans.
We will make mistakes.
Can I make things better ?
If I admitted to my wrongs.

Think More Speak Less.

Freeze frame.
Let’s look at ourselves for the time being.
We hold strong emotions.
One day we are smiling.
We cheer on with friends.
Nothing can stop our momentous attitude.
But whether we like it or not, we can turn into polar opposites of the Teflon figures, we casually promote.
It’s lethal to say this…
But, if we focus on our vulnerable and socially hidden versions.
We can learn more about who we truly are.
We can experiment on concepts that test interior and exterior triggers.
Possibly, improving our overall being.