Twisted Stories

Suddenly a massive explosion takes place.
Looking out my window I see violence erupting.
I think to myself ” what’s going on ?”
I see chairs and tables being toss from left to right.
I hear screams and words of angry being exchanged.
Right in the middle of the conflict, bags of money is tossed into the sky.
This is odd and out of place.
Large denominations of currency flowing over the heads of the mob.
With quick reactions the swarms of people try to collect as much money as they possibly can.
What a sick twist !
I guess greed vanquished this situation.



  1. The Hand of greed shall never be full
    A selfish Heart has pain’s rewards
    Anarchy is their King’s throne
    hope you are not offended these are the words your poem painted in my mind, God Bless, James

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