A Boy Named Ted.

The door to the apartment is locked. Ted is 9 years old and at home by himself. His dad had to step out to get some fresh air. Well, thats the excuse he uses to hide his pain from his son. Most would consider this careless parenting. But, the father has his own story. His upbring can be defined as harsh. When he was 4 years of age, he was abandoned by both of his parents. Ever since then he never fully understood what compassion, love or empathy felt like. His adolescence, teenage and middle age years were spent in a high volume of solitude. Up untill a few weeks ago he had a 10 year relationship with a recluse of a girlfriend. She decided to leave both him and their son. Her shallow lifestyle didn’t have room for anyone but herself. Back to the story at hand. Ted who has woken from his slumber, has no clue where his dad is. He feels confused yet worried not knowing if his father is safe. Unlike both of his parents Ted is a smart and well rounded young man. He was the one who usually picked up the pieces of his parents shaddered relationship. He tries to provide the love his old man lacks. With the lost of his mother. Ted needs his father more then ever. Devising an idea to fill both him and his dads needs. He plans to keep this dads attention and focal point solely on him, so he would be able to focus on negativity. Pops steps back inside the apartment. Ted runs up and gives him a hug and said “I love you, your the best dad in the world.” …….. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2….



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