Now I Believe

If you are the only thing in my life that was real, then I would be satisfied. I once only knew sadness and lived in a sarcasm filled world. Constant signs of dishonor was my reality. I didn’t know what to believe in. I toppled and swayed in all directions. I didn’t know what to do. My emotions were subjective to only what I knew. Then, you came into my life. You helped breathe life in my soul. You gave me a purpose to life for. The purpose is you.



    1. I, too, have these thoughts about my wife and kids–life without them would be nothing. But I see it as a possessive love–if I were to tell them they gave my life purpose, I would be imposing too much on them–thus, I must live with that secret truth and live my life for its own sake, outwardly. Such deviousness may seem cold, but the future is nothing if not pluralistical–besides, appearing to have a ‘joi de vivre’ is much more attractive–which makes my family that much more happy. It’s a sticky one, and no mistake!

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