Month: April 2013

Love Test.

You inspire everything good that comes out my mouth.
Our love is loud, abrupt and an outburst. It feels like a showcase to prove who loves each other the most.
It would be easy to let you win.
But, I like to challenge you.
Our bond is one above the rest.
I’ve been waiting for you all my life.


Love Not Coded.

Why does it have to be so hard to see you go ?
I question how unfair it is.
But, that doesn’t change the fact that you will be leaving.
Your face turned away from me.
As you walk away.
Tears just fall down my face.
I can’t see them.
But, I feel them.
It’s too soon.
I still have a lot to explore with you.
We are young and discovering love around this time is priceless.
I appreciate your company.
So much things I have to tell you.
I would do anything to hold you close to me.
To be honest.
I’ll say what ever I need too, in order to keep your company.
I can’t see you leaving me.
Not just yet ?
Who knows when or if I will see you again ?

The Thinkers Words

Is wealth worth the gritty feelings it brings with it ?
I wonder if I had all of my hearts desire, if then I will be content or happy ?
I want to be proud.
I want accountability.
So I question my desires and realistically try to find answers.
The end goals always seems to be a mystery.
But, every good mystery needs witty answers.

Two Sides And Flipped.

I lay on my mattress.
I am without a word to describe my present living condition.
Rings too many bells for me.
Maybe, its because I hear it too much.
Then again, it might describe my life at this small segway.
Who really knows.
I just hope my words will inch me closer to enlightenment.