The Thinkers Words

Is wealth worth the gritty feelings it brings with it ?
I wonder if I had all of my hearts desire, if then I will be content or happy ?
I want to be proud.
I want accountability.
So I question my desires and realistically try to find answers.
The end goals always seems to be a mystery.
But, every good mystery needs witty answers.



  1. A significant thought I could relate. I like your words, they aren’t heavy but carries ample weight of valuable thoughts.

    I like calling bloggers by name for rapport and retention (I easily forget who’s who,that’s why). I was looking for your about page but couldn’t find one…. so can I just call you mine? hehe
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my childish rhymes. Just so you’ll know I might have dozed off during my poetry lessons. When I scanned in your homepage, I liked your poems and couldn’t get enough, so I followed.

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