Month: December 2013


If I lie to my heart ?
What do I tell me soul ?
I tried to hide from underneath the covers.
Now I’m in hells cave.
I Craved the attention.
Now I’m scared to even whimper.
Do I make a peep ?
Will my sounds be heard ?
My fears are echos.
I’m the sheep.


City Of Angels.

If only it were easier.
I would have you by my side.
Instead I’m here daydreaming by my bedside.
I would give up everything to have you here in my life.
I just want the simple things.
never really thought I could find success in playing the field.
Time for me to quit playing and start taking life serious.
Seriously I can be honest.
I mean it’s hard to believe.
Don’t taking to heart all you hear.
Im not just a Romeo.
I can love you.
I can make you an honest girl.
Just give me the chance.
I can make your dreams come true.
I’m the lover with the kind heart.


Don’t worry I’m comming for you.
Your cries I can hear from miles away.
No one can love you the way I do.
You can try but I’m not the one you can replace.
God placed me in your life for a reason.
Just think about the way I work your mind.
I love you for what is inside.
Your easy on the eyes.
But I see something more then the physical appearance.


The silent artist speaks.
Wanders turn their eyes in glaring fashion towards the journey men.
The legend has something to say.
The knowledge base he encompasses is far more advanced from those of his time.
As on lookers strain To get a good view of the pundit.
He is able to muster a few good words.

“Speak with love, live with purpose and focus on satisfaction. “