Month: January 2014


The vapor drapes are my escape.
So I’m naturally smooth.
Im not just a believer.
Too much actors and they are just living in a b movie.
Can’t plan.
Because I live for the now.
I can’t think all the way till then.

Too much to talk about.
Past girl toy stories are just  recollections.
It’s a sin to keep a collection of women.
So I’m just true to one.
That’s the truth.

It must be just in her head.
You played yourself before I even though of playing you.
If you know what the deal was.
Why you try to negotiate after the fact.
Just accept the fact.

Sweet Love.

Beautiful at first glance.
Caught my attention and since I couldn’t look away.
Excuse my rudeness but can I talk to you.
I know I don’t know you and you don’t know me.
But can I talk to you.
You grabbed my attention from across the room.
I just want to know a little about you.
What’s your name ?
Beautiful such a pretty name suits a queen like yourself.
Do you come here often ?
Please, dont think in being foward.
But can we take a walk.
There’s something about you and i cant shake it.
Your special and i want you to know that.