Month: April 2014

Loves Doors

I tell you.
If nothing will be the same.
I can only make it better.
Let’s take the necessary steps in the right direction.
I never met someone quite like you.
I won’t hold back.
Making a difference in your life is my mission.
Seeing you struggle has hurt me far from what you know.
I stood and waited for you to open up to me.
Now that you accept me.
Let’s making love happen.
Your a queen.
I’m glad your all mine.
I’m thankful.
I pray for you ever day.
God has been good to the both of us.

Last Prince (The Moon Man)

Could I ?
Would I ?
If this is about you ?
What can you say ?
Just be happy.
Now words can lead back to you.
Before this no one Acknowledged you.
I wonder why ?
Could I ?
Would I ?
If this is about you ?
Then something is comming your way.
Insults are from peasants.
I’m just saying the truth.
Nothing wrong with honesty.
That’s the only thing that can save my soul.
Tell me about piece of mind.
I want the whole pie.
I took.
Now I got.
I have everything you want.
Imagine, you was the one back biting.
Now I’m back.
You feel the bite.
I didn’t even have to move a muscle.


I can’t wait for your heart to work again.
I’ll use my heart to pump twice as fast to work for the both of us.
I told you that I’m committed to you, for the rest of my life.
I do everything with you on my mind.
This hard work isn’t just for my future.
I hope you know what.
What I don’t see, is what I can have.
I’m telling you.
I’m a believer.

The Best.

I’ll accept you in the good and bad times.
We deserve a second, third and fourth chance.
I’ll go through all the emotions as long as your the one waiting at home.
It’s easy to give up.
But I rather forgive and have you.
The other girls come and go.
The feelings they give isn’t real.
When your near I feel something that’s real.
Your the truth.
So i stopped asking questions.
Let them girls talk.
Your the best thing in my life.
No lies comming out my mouth.
Your the best.


Is there an us.
I thought you would be the one to hold me down.
We been through hell and back.
I thought you would be the one to be that special person in my life.
This life is like a carrousel.
You always jump off and on for a ride.
You live up the good times.
When I turn around your gone in the bad times.
Accept me for who I am.
I tried hard to be another person.
Does that attract you.
If that’s the case.
I’ll put an end to that case.
I don’t need you.


I love u.
But, does that mean that I have to hold my words.
You started another vengeance filled rampage.
All I feel is the pain from your harsh words.
Why are you like the others ?
Nothing similar, your just one of the rest.
I settle for seconds.
But I know I need the best.
Didn’t I pass the test.
My heart beats twice as weak.
Isn’t that proof enough.
Been through it all.
I see someone new when I look in the mirror.
I don’t like it.
I hate it to be honest.
Now that I’m being honest, where’s my car keys.


You waited for my heart to stop, before you said you cared for me.
Was it a guilt trip gone wrong ?
Should I hold your words accountable ?
I have no account of a day where you were warm.
I can’t help but to think, do you ever feel fuzzy inside ?
We live in a cold city.
The temperature is always on a decrease.
I can’t help but to think, your heart rate follows the same trend.
We are polar opposites, but you sit so close to me that any one can think were on the same parallel.