Month: June 2019

My heart feels complete when your near me.
Your different.
No one makes me feel this way.
If your like what you hear.
Come close.
No one can treat you like I can.
I do more then the next.
I’m not the same.
No they don’t match.
Their pockets are at a lost.
I’m willing to spend.
Money comes and i’m looking for you to go.
I want you.
No one else caught my attention quite like you.
So it’s nothing for me to tell you how I feel.
If you feel the same.
If you want love.
I got all you can ask for.

I’m not the same.
Like no one you ever met.
Count your blessings.
I’m here.
To your rescue.
I can take you away from the regular.
Your to beautiful to get the regular treatment.
As long as I’m here your always going to get all you want. No second guessing it’s all yours.

She’s only here for the good times.
I’m happy to even catch for a simple hi and bye.
She is better then the regular.
She deserves better then what she had.
So I’m trying to show her what she can get.
It’s my time.
I’m not wishing.
I’m a provider.
Anything isn’t good enough when you only working for the best.

You can make me.
I know that I haven’t been honest.
But the truth is I didn’t know what love was.
I only cared for you and i’m afraid to commit when I know you care about me unconditional.

If you can’t love.
I’ll take my time to show you how to love.
One day at a time.
Just understand that I can’t stop trying to make you whole.
You complete me.
You don’t have to say a thing.
It’s not just words if I mean what I say.
Just hold my hand.
Let’s takes this journey together.
It’s all about you .
It’s about me.
It’s about you.
I can’t stop thinking about you.
It’s innate.
You might think I’m lying.
Playing with your emotions
But I wouldn’t do that.
I see something in you.
I might be what I’ve been missing.
Can I spent my days with you.
I’ll only have eyes for you.

You voice brings tears to my eyes.
I see you in my dreams.
I can’t find you.
You fill my dreams and that’s where you reside.
I can’t find you.
I can’t find you.
It’s not easy to life.
No it’s hurts me to live without any love.

There is nothing that I wouldn’t give to be next to you.
I just want.
I need you.
Help me
I can’t live like this

Blood sweat and tears.
I’ll do anything for you to see that I care.
I’m not like the rest.

My words to her heart.
I’m here right where I need to be.
I have nothing If I don’t have you.
What’s complete can break.

Always putting me down.
I know you want to take a bite.
Just to get a taste.
I can’t see you face to care.
My heart doesn’t feel the same anymore.
I’m numb from he truth.
You keep telling me shit and I can’t decipher the truth.
You know I care.
Why hurt me.
If I was your only love.
Why hurt me.