I looked in your eyes.

I saw past the tears.

I remembered when you were mine.

All the good I instilled in you is hiddened.

My touch on your skin leaves you shivering.

But, your cold heart keeps me at a distance.



What’s talent ?
I just see the Bare minimum.
Failure is a routine for the regular.
Im not immuned.
Im abnormal.
Can I be out of this world with my insight ?
I fear none, not even fear itself.
Where my heart lies I can’t elaborate on.
I’m looking up.
Does it feel good to be on top ?
So i take second place keep my hunger on one, waiting for my time.
I don’t take chances.
I’m not second rate.
I’m just on a different level.


Music blasting.
All by my seldom.
Well, at least I have my freedom.
The opposite sex tends to come and go.
Don’t worry about memories.
They drift back and forth.
So at least I got something to grab onto here and there.
I still have the urge for something real.
I’m rich with knowledge.
But, karma was a b*tch.
I remember when she was my b*tch.
Now she’s close to be that b*tch.
All by her lonesome.
Now I’m here all on my own.


Can’t say I care for you
My heart doesn’t miss you.
The temper inside of me building.
Every time you come closer, I feel the tension building.
I thought you were the one for me.
You were perfect, down to its smallest definition.
I guess your in a different place now.
My replacement can fake a smile better then I ever could.
Is that good for you ?
Is that what you want ?
A phony that can’t measure up to the lover I once was.
I’m force to accept the reality for what it is.
I can’t change your beliefs.