Admired by Me

With all the game you saw.

I thought you would know the words I shared with you were true.
I spoke from the heart and I’m trying to hold you close to my heart, even if I can never have you physically.
You might wonder why ?
The reason might be that for some reason I loved you and only you.
The other relationships were just a figment of a short story
You might wonder why ?
I’ll speak slowly so that you can feel the impact of every word.
It’s ashame because I was the one that would stop time just to get close to you.
Nothing could prevent me from sharing my affection for you.
You might wonder why ?
I sleep with a broken heart, a dead soul and a compromise personality disorder.
I don’t know how I can live this life without love and without you.
It’s not too hard to see why.
I love you.