“Cleaning house…

“Cleaning house of the past.
A fresh and new outlook brings rejuvenation.”


Life, Growth and Fortune.

I’m still promoting my dreams through my writing.
My words gives life to what’s in my imagination.
I’m still the same person just improved.
Growth is my fortune.
Yet, my silence is beautiful, but it can also be used to my misfortune.
I don’t claim.
I prefer to declare.
My goals are on a chart.
I just make an effort here and there to cross off what’s on my list.
The chalk keeps writing.
I hope I can keep pace.


Kneeling to the ground and facing the sky, tears flowing down his face.
Sadness is something he is use to feeling.
All the adversaries he had to overcome made him strong.
But, he hurts because he is human and has to express himself.
He can’t help but to question his standing in his life so far.
Isolation has put his social life to a halt.
Finances stoped his education from going to the next stage.
Can’t help but to understand his pain.
Can’t help but to relate.

Deception ?

Nothing feels right.

Without you by my side.

It’s hard to believe.

But, you once drove away all my fears, concerns and dysfunctions.

You once made me feel complete.

I didn’t care for anything else at the time.

But, as quickly as i fell for you, things took the turn for the worst.

You chose not to love me anymore and compared me to failures of your past.

I wasn’t like anyone you met before.

I care, loved and supported you.

In actuality there is no good reason to leave the person, who only had the best for you in mind.

Love Me

Turn on the light.
It’s been dark for far too long now.
It feels like years.
I’m stuck in a hole and love is unheard of.
I didn’t receive love growing up.
So that is why I appreciate it more at an older age.
My family figures were only elusions.
Realistically they didn’t exist.
So I write, express and in return hope to receive love.