Bold Diamond.

The intense degrading reactions I get from knowing I didn’t work at my fullest potential, is worth shedding tears for.
I have to admitt I haven’t been the hardest worker.
I laid in silence and waited for my soul to speak.
I needed to find purpose in order to react.
I’m quite disciplined.
But, if my words are deep now.
Imagine how great I can be, when I give my all.


Life, Growth and Fortune.

I’m still promoting my dreams through my writing.
My words gives life to what’s in my imagination.
I’m still the same person just improved.
Growth is my fortune.
Yet, my silence is beautiful, but it can also be used to my misfortune.
I don’t claim.
I prefer to declare.
My goals are on a chart.
I just make an effort here and there to cross off what’s on my list.
The chalk keeps writing.
I hope I can keep pace.


I’m use to dealing with pretty girls.

I met many attractive ladies.

But, I never met the right person. 

I want someone that is attractive inside out.

But, my search always stops cold.

I find myself short of finding the person who I can call my own.

I tried blaming everything possible including myself.

But, I was clear with my motives and didn’t play games.

I was devoted.

yet, devotion wasn’t on my side.

Higher Power

Lord see the weak.

Lord please know that were all trying to be better.

Todays mistakes are just things that can be used 

as reminders.

Lord you know and see all.

I don’t know whats going on in your mind.

But, I know a lot of good and thoughtful ideas are

a constant fixture.

Lord I pray for the weak and everyone suffering.