Key To My Soul

Will you stand by my side ?
Even though we deal with constant controversies.
I hope our difficulties can go away one day.
Our future isn’t set in stone.
We have the freedom of choice to do whatever we choose too.
Only god knows what awaits us.


Its Real

Open up your eyes.

Read between the lines.

I remain true to my words.

I have been honest through the difficult days.

I provided support when your days couldn’t see light.

I thank you and appreciate every single thing you did for me.

Songs For Women 2

It’s been a trail having you in my life.

But, I keep you close to my heart.

I look for the good in you.

I can’t duplicate the love we share.

It feels as if we are Taylor made for each other.

I only have one heart and its in your possession.

Touch Of An Angel

Your far from the truth. Why hasn’t anyone tell you how great you truly are ? The word I would use to describe you is amazing, but the mature side of me urges to take things slow. I wouldn’t want to rush our progress. I have to take my time and make every moment between us count. I hope to develop a bold, like I never did before.

Twist and Turns

Your offbeat to society, but perfect for me.

Don’t get discouraged by anyone.

No one knows you like I do.

I would give anything, so that you wouldn’t have to worry.

Despite the twist and turns life takes us through, I will still be by your side.

Be Heard

I know it’s been a hard day.

I know you feel everything is not going your way.

Sometimes all you want to see is light, but there is only darkness.

It’s going to get better, I promise.

Each and everyday has its own surprises.

I keep my words to my heart and my promises to my soul.