I looked in your eyes.

I saw past the tears.

I remembered when you were mine.

All the good I instilled in you is hiddened.

My touch on your skin leaves you shivering.

But, your cold heart keeps me at a distance.



Who is really there.
When the lights dim.
I don’t trust easily.
I bet It’s easier to see me cry,  then to see me give up.
I keep silent and just look out.
I see too much crooked smiles.
I turn my face in discontent.
I’m not content with foolishness.
I don’t accept to live with what I didn’t set out to find.
Too much times I put myself last.
A few steps from where I needed to be.
I wasn’t at my best.
But I know.
I can be a better me.
There’s always a chance to be the best.
With my last breathe I’m going to live.

Life, Growth and Fortune.

I’m still promoting my dreams through my writing.
My words gives life to what’s in my imagination.
I’m still the same person just improved.
Growth is my fortune.
Yet, my silence is beautiful, but it can also be used to my misfortune.
I don’t claim.
I prefer to declare.
My goals are on a chart.
I just make an effort here and there to cross off what’s on my list.
The chalk keeps writing.
I hope I can keep pace.


He is in a different mind state.
Everything feels so perfect.
All the negativity he felt yesterday has dissipated itself.
It’s good when the bad vibes just go with the wind.
Well, here he goes.
Off to the real world.
Nothing can stop him from finding all he looks for.
Love and security of all sorts seem to elude his capture.
Today is different.
Let’s see what awaits him.