Month: March 2013

Worth It All.

Beautiful lover.
I hope she knows.
My words are tailor made with her in mind.
I sectioned all the selfishness I had in me.
I want to be right for her.
Beautiful lover.
Am I worth being her love interest ?
I’ll play the jock and she can be the cheerleader.
Any picture that she is in, can I be the person beside her ?

Mind Reader

If you can’t trust the weather person to predict the occurrence of storms.
How can you instill faith in a person to help you weather the bad and ugly ?
The days pass you by.
Leaving you with problems to deal with.
Pulling and dragging your hair from left to right.
Makes you wish you had a strong support system.
You have people you communicate with here and there.
But, no strong, trustworthy or inspirational individual present themselves.
Makes you think, don’t it ?

Honest Is Faith.

Locked out.
I’m blocked out from the Graceland.
The motherland is not in eyesight.
I’m an eye sore to the so called true believer.
What’s religious about man made lies.
I don’t insist, I just accept and live life.
No one person is better then the next.
Knowledge is key.