Month: March 2013


You don’t know how to love.
No no.
You don’t know what’s in store.
I bet you never felt what its like to be honest.
The truth will set you feel.
First you will actually have to be truthful.
Holding back is only a setback.


Worth It All.

Beautiful lover.
I hope she knows.
My words are tailor made with her in mind.
I sectioned all the selfishness I had in me.
I want to be right for her.
Beautiful lover.
Am I worth being her love interest ?
I’ll play the jock and she can be the cheerleader.
Any picture that she is in, can I be the person beside her ?

Mind Reader

If you can’t trust the weather person to predict the occurrence of storms.
How can you instill faith in a person to help you weather the bad and ugly ?
The days pass you by.
Leaving you with problems to deal with.
Pulling and dragging your hair from left to right.
Makes you wish you had a strong support system.
You have people you communicate with here and there.
But, no strong, trustworthy or inspirational individual present themselves.
Makes you think, don’t it ?